Two of my Cases in Ivey’s top 20 Best sellers for 2015!

Was just realised that two of my co-authored cases, mentioned below, were 17 and 18th ranked best sellers for Ivey Publishing for 2015.

  1.  The Cinnamon Case: Sales Negotiation (Role Play) – (B) The Buyer.
  2. AGV: Crisis at the Top.

That means, that these two cases were the 17 and 18th  highest selling cases by Ivey Publishing, worldwide, for the entire year in 2015.

As the readers may be aware, Richard Ivey Publishing is the largest independent case distribution house, which publishes the cases used in B-Schools globally and has a library of over 35,000 cases. As readers may be aware, 9 of the top 10 selling cases globally were also cases authored/co-authored by me,   by Ivey Publishing in July 2015.

I thank my well wishers for your good wishes and support which has enabled this.


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