Da Da Ding: The new anthem for the next gen!

http://girlsintanktops.com/76/ I don’t know if you have heard the new Nike Ad, (heres the link to youtube ) but this is extremely catchy.

I am quite impressed by Nike, who stays relevant to the next generation and reinvents itself every few years, right from just do it and  Mike Jordan, to Da Da Ding and Deepika. (yeah, she’s in the video too…)

It kind of reaches to the inner desire of the next gen to achieve, to win, and I think that they have caught on to something. (3 million hits on youtube and counting…)

This could be a valuable lesson for us in family businesses to reinvent ourselves when the customer demographic changes and with that the hopes and aspirations. This would help businesses compete better than those who choose not to, and remain fossilised in their old traditional ways.

Think about it… which one are you?

I got to sign off, want to hear da da ding for the 1000th time!


Mars Legacy passes on: Lessons for family businesses

The NYTimes reports that the patriarch of Mars, Forrest E. Mars passed away yesterday. It is an interesting article to understand the thinking which had driven their company, one of the largest chocolate makers in the world!

The desire for low profile, away from the media, maintaining his attention to the business, and sticking to what he knew best, with a bad temper. But what stands out is the father-son relationship that ensured that his sons had actually forbidden that their executives to take his name before them.

But the adherence to principles (quality, mutuality, responsibility, efficiency and freedom) and the overall objective which Forrest had, ” to create mutual benefits that make a difference for people and the planet through the company’s performance” will ensure that the family business will stay long after him.

An action, which has ensured that the sweet taste of Mars will be there for generations, well after him, a lesson which can serve well for other family businesses to learn from.

Top 9 Worldwide in June 2016!

Ivey has just released its list of 20 top selling cases used in B-Schools worldwide for June 2016. My cases have made it from positions 1 to 9 of the top 20.

My case “When there is a will…” ranked at no.1 is amongst highest selling cases in the family business field. Some of these cases have also been translated to Chinese to meet the demands from B-Schools in China.

This is after two of these being in the top selling cases for the entire 2015!

Thank you for your good wishes and support!

Two of my Cases in Ivey’s top 20 Best sellers for 2015!

Was just realised that two of my co-authored cases, mentioned below, were 17 and 18th ranked best sellers for Ivey Publishing for 2015.

  1.  The Cinnamon Case: Sales Negotiation (Role Play) – (B) The Buyer.
  2. AGV: Crisis at the Top.

That means, that these two cases were the 17 and 18th  highest selling cases by Ivey Publishing, worldwide, for the entire year in 2015.

As the readers may be aware, Richard Ivey Publishing is the largest independent case distribution house, which publishes the cases used in B-Schools globally and has a library of over 35,000 cases. As readers may be aware, 9 of the top 10 selling cases globally were also cases authored/co-authored by me,   by Ivey Publishing in July 2015.

I thank my well wishers for your good wishes and support which has enabled this.


Cool or Swag? The dilemma of abbreviations…

Last week, I was talking to a student who just happened to mention that “swag” was an important attribute amongst students today. I made a mental note to look it up, too scared to ask what it meant and appear ignorant. But rushed to look this up on the ultimate Guru of all times, Google. I did not want to lose the opportunity to learn. (FOMO as my teenage daughter would say..Fear Of Missing Out)

Anyway, after a quick Google search which gave many options, (I know for sure it was not “Secretly We Are Gay” or “free promotional stuff given to attendees”) found Merriam-Webster dictionary defined it as  “stylish confidence” as made popular by a Jay-Z song.

This got me thinking about the peer pressure and the definition of “swag”. It was “cool” during my times in college, (ok, so this may have been some time ago) but this was always there. There were the nerds, focussed on topping the class, the sincere  (who were always copying every word the professor said) , the perpetual absentees who would meet during exams  the lost few, wondering what they were doing in college, and then the “cool” ones, who had their own circle of friends, inviting for parties, events, etc. and who used to hang out together in college and outside. People would do anything to belong to this group. Exclusion was rampant and huge insecurities of being excluded made some people insane.

And according to the Financial Times, this is a pretty big thing in the UK too! ( Link to FT article)

Which brings me to the basic fact being mentioned here, that wealth is used as a tool to establish membership to this elite club of swag. It is disturbing, that times have changed, from earlier times where wealth was hidden and understated. I remember that most wealthy expected their next-gen to underplay their wealth and live simple lives. Some where along the line, things have changed.

And this had implications for our next-gen kids. Firstly, as the FT article above mentions, that this does become an ostentatious display of wealth, with the possibility of each one trying to outdo the other.

Secondly in families of wealth, one often finds that the next generation kids display wealth, while the others are playing a very understated role. Why does this happen? what causes the difference in behaviour? Any thoughts?

I have a couple of thoughts on this based on the interviews that I have been doing for a research project, but would invite your comments on this. What do you think?

On a parting note, I asked a group of students for their possible explanations for the swag ?The answer?


I rushed to Google this again!!!

PS:  You Live Only Once….